Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blogs = Business Advertising Secret Weapon

Blogs = Business Advertising Secret Weapon

Blog's aren't just for political issues or personal family photos...

Blogs are HOT

Blogs are a business advertising secret weapon!!

Frederick Web Promotions uses Blogger blogs to get EXTRA Google listings for any size company.

With a Blog, especially a Blogger blog, every time you make a blog post, it's considered an 'article".

Blogger is OWNED by Google... when you use Google's tools, Google can see that...and Google will credit it's own tools in Google Search Results before Google credits non Google products/services.

I once heard a business axiom:
"I do business with people who do business with me"

Ok, so you wanna see the proof?

Let's take my business for example, I'll show you my results and
then I'll show you how good this works for my clients!

Go to Google
type in my what I do (that's be Maryland internet advertising)

Google loves business blogs, just look at some recent Google search results reveal:

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Moral of this article?

Even if your company already has a business website
(if you want to maximize your advertising exposure in Google)

you also need a business blog

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yellow Pages Replacement- better faster CHEAPER

A google search of yellow pages directories turns up 184,000,000 results. Here are a few:

What Business owner can afford to advertise in all these directories? aka

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Yellowpages-History? Phonebooks: case of pulp friction

Yellowpages - History? Phonebooks: A serious case of pulp friction
by Tania Deluzuriaga, New York Times News Service

They’re the original search engines, leftover from the days of rotary phones and answering machines.

Once valued reference books kept in a certain drawer or cabinet for easy and frequent access, the massive telephone directories landing on doorsteps and in apartment foyers across the city in recent weeks seemed bound for more ignoble destinations.

Days after hundreds of thousands of the 2,000-page, 4-pound tomes were delivered, they began showing up in recycling bins and trash dumpsters. From Beacon Hill to Jamaica Plain, they moldered on porches and driveways, lay strewn across sidewalks, and sat in large, untouched piles in condo and apartment buildings.

In an era when consumers are increasingly conscious of the waste they generate, arrival of the phone books was greeted with an annoyed sigh or worse.

"All that’s waste," grumbled Gerri Cummings, 70, eyeing the waist-high pile of phone books orphaned in the foyer of her South Boston apartment building. Yellow Book delivered stacks of its yellow pages directories, enough for each of the residents of Cummings’ 96-unit building for the elderly and disabled. A few days later, Verizon did the same.

"All my phone numbers are in my phone," Cummings said, waving a silver cellphone that she keeps in her pocket.
A few blocks away, 33-year-old Jason Muth vented his disgust in his blog.

"Each time I’m greeted by piles of bound paper at my doorstep, I think the same exact thing: what a waste," he wrote. "The energy to distribute and manufacture these, the raw materials used to print these, and our time to dispose of them properly."

When Verizon delivered its directories a couple days later, Muth’s disgust turned to anger. Of the 10 directories delivered to his address this month, not one made it inside, he said.
"What industry is indiscriminately allowed to throw their product on your front step and leave you to deal with it?" he fumed in a phone interview. "It’s environmentally wrong; it’s morally wrong."

Representatives from Verizon and Yellow Book declined to speak to a reporter about their products or distribution practices. In a written statement, a Verizon spokesman said the company has regionalized its directory and made it smaller and more user-friendly. Yellow Book, which distributed 883,000 copies of its directory in the Boston area last year, said that 87 percent of adults use a print phone directory at least once a year.

"We get complaints from people when they don’t get their phone book," said Stephanie Hobbs, a spokeswoman for the Yellow Pages Association, the industry’s trade organization.

For those who don’t want it, there is little recourse. Unlike services that let consumers sign up for no-call lists to stop cold-calling advertisers, it’s not so easy to avoid getting the phone book. Some directory companies have phone numbers that residents can call to stop phone book deliveries to their homes, but the numbers can be hard to locate. And governments say they are constrained in imposing blanket restrictions.

"It’s a First Amendment issue," said Sharon Gillett, commissioner of the state Department of Telecommunications and Cable. "How are they different from free newspapers or political fliers?"

Despite competition from the Internet, the phone directory market continues to slowly grow, with a value this year of about billion, according to the Yellow Pages Association.

While services like Google and 411 are providing heightened competition, people still turn to their yellow pages when they are ready to buy, Hobbs said, citing a third-party study that found American adults consulted phone books 13.4 billion times last year.

But even some advertisers in the books say they’re questioning the practice. "I keep contemplating whether I should give it up; it costs me a fortune," said Scott Ruth, a Marlborough plumber who ran an ad for his business in the Boston Yellow Book.

Though business has been good, Ruth said, he has all the work he can handle, and he is not sure that spending "several thousand dollars" a year on advertising in the phone book is worth it.
"I haven’t picked one up in I don’t know how long," he said.

Yellow Pages Replacement = Local Google Advertising

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Inbound links... Why and How

Inbound links, link exchangesand link acquisition

Link text (the text that is clicked on when clicking on a link) is singly the most important factor when Google determines the rankings for any given searchterm. This article isn't about that aspect of inbound links, although it is briefly touched on. This article discusses inbound links for their link popularity/PageRank value, and provides ideas on how to acquire them.

Why do we need inbound links?

Even before Google came on the scene, link popularity (linkpop) was being used by one or two search engines as part of their algorithm when determining the rankings for any given searchterm. Then when Google arrived with their link-based PageRank, link popularity took off and became an absolute essential ingredient in achieving top rankings.

The idea behind linkpop is that the more pages that link to a page, the more important the page is and it, therefore, deserves a higher ranking than it would otherwise have.
Some engines simply counted the number of links coming into a page (inbound links), but Google took the idea a step further. Each inbound link comes comes from a page which itself has inbound links. The more inbound links on the linking page, the more important that page is and, therefore, the more important the link to our page is. So Google gives more weight to inbound links from important pages that it does to inbound links from lesser pages. They call the idea "PageRank", and you can learn all about in this PageRank article.

Google is the world's number one search engine, and currently provides the results for around 80% of all the searches done in the world. Because of that, it is vitally important for any website that relies on search engine traffic to do well in Google. Doing well in Google means making the site 'important' in Google's eyes and, to do that, the site must have good inbound links - as many of them as possible, and preferably from important pages (pages with medium to high PageRank values).

How do we get inbound links?

There are a number of ways. Some of them are:
Directories Directories usually provide one-way links to websites, although some require a reciprocal link. Personally, I have no time for those that require reciprocal links, because they aren't really trying to be useful directories. Submitting to directories is time-consuming and boring, but there are a number of cheap directory submitting services that do a very good job.

There are several of them in this forum thread.


Join forums and place links to your site(s) in your signature line. Use your main searchterms as the link text - I'll come to why that is necessary later in this article. But before spending time writing lots of posts with your signature line in each post, make sure that the forum is spiderable by checking the robots.txt file, and make sure that non-members don't have session IDs in the URLs. Also make sure that links in signature lines are not hidden from spiders (view the source code to make sure that signature links are in plain HTML format and not in Javascript).

Link exchange centers

Find a join free link exchange center like There you can find a categorized directory of websites that also want to exchange links. Be careful not to sign up with FFA (Free For All) sites because they are mostly email address gatherers and you can expect a sudden increase in email spam soon after you sign up. Also, only sign up with centers where you can approach other sites personally, and where they can approach you personally.

Do not join any link farms!!! Link farms, such as, sound excellent for building up linkpop and PageRank, but search engines (Google in particular) disapprove of them as blatant attempts to manipulate the rankings and they will penalize sites that use them. Once a site has been penalized, it is very difficult to get the penalty lifted, so avoid all link farms.

Email requests (a) Search on Google for your main searchterms and find the websites that are competing with you. Then find which sites link to them by searching "link:www.". Email them and ask for a link exchange. (b) Search on Google for websites that are related to your site's topic, but not direct competitors, and ask them for a link exchange.

Buy them
There are websites that want to sell links. They are usually medium to high PageRank sites, and often the link will be placed on multiple pages, or all pages within the site. It's possible to approach individual sites where you would like your links to appear, but it is much quicker, easier and more reliable to use a middle-man service (or broker).

Link brokers offer links for sale on behalf of other websites (you could use the service to sell links on your site!). With these services, it is usual to be able to choose the type (topic) of the website(s) where you want to place your links. I am not aware of any disreputable practises with link brokering.

Finally, there are even links for sale by public auction, such as the one at LinkAdage Auctions.

What type of links?

Inbound links serve three purposes:-
(1) they add linkpop and PageRank to the site,
(2) they send traffic to the site, and
(3) if the link text (the text that is clicked on) is good, then the page's rankings can be improved.

(1) for linkpop, either text or graphic links are fine,
(2) for traffic, text links are known to be more effective than graphic links, and
(3) to positively affect a page's rankings, text links are the best.
So get text links and not graphic links.

(1) for linkpop, get links from anywhere,
(2) for traffic, get links from related sites, and
(3) to improve the page's rankings, get links from anywhere - the higher the PageRank of the linking page, the better and, whenever possible, make sure that the link text is one of your main searchterms (see Search Engine Optimization - the basics).


Inbound links are important for websites that want to move up the rankings. Inbound links, with the right link text, are essential for achieving top rankings.

Most websites are not natural link magnets, and link acquisition can be time-consuming and frustrating. Many websites that are approached by email will say no, but some will say yes. For top rankings, it is essential to take the time and get many inbound links.

UpdateGoogle's "Big Daddy" update, which was rolled out during the first part of 2006, was largely concerned with their crawling and indexing functions. The update contained a new concept for them - making a mathematical calculation to determine how many of a site's pages to have in the index. The mathematical formula is concerned with the nature and trustability of links coming into a site, the nature of links going out of it, and the quantities of those.
The new crawl/index system doesn't specifically penalize sites for having too many links of the 'wrong kind', but it doesn't give them credit for crawl/index purposes, and many sites suffered by having large numbers of pages removed from the index.

This is important, because it means that exchanging links willy-nilly can actually cause some or many of a site's pages to be removed from the index, due to the lowering of the site's IBLs/OBLs score. So it is better to exchange on-topic links than to exchange off-topic ones. The days of a link is a link is a link are over. The helpfulness of an over-abundance of reciprocal links are gone, and it can actually cause some of a site's pages to be dropped from the index.

Article by Phil Craven

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Local Frederick County Google Listings

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