Sunday, January 4, 2009

Help Wanted Part Time

Frederick Web Promotions is growing!

Help Wanted in Frederick Maryland

After School Part Time Work as Intern for Frederick Maryland Online Publisher.
Frederick Web Promotions has a need for part time writer intern.
2 to 3 hours a day. Can be done from the library or your home.
  • Requires access to the Internet.
  • Requires ability to summarize articles.
  • Requires ability to figure out how to log into specialty search engines.
  • Requires ability to sign up for your own web mail account.
Need to be able to be creative for 300 characters.
This includes spaces and puntuctuation.
If you think you can write a good summary in that small space you've got a job!!
Frederick Web Promotions is an Equal Opportuntity Employer:
If you can handle sitting at a computer for 2 or 3 hours and can write a creative synopsis of various websites we need you!

This work can be done anywhere, you can even do it from the C. Burr Artz Public Library.
It doesn't matter if you're in high school, homeless, had a criminal record, have a drug history, if you can do this we need you.
Every body deserves a second chance!

Call David Bruce at 240 644-7530
Pay scale minimum wage but will look fantastic on your resume-
Especially if you plan on majoring in journalism.

Contact David Bruce Jr @

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