Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tangible Evidence- Maryland Internet Advertising

When I first started in Local Google Advertising as a *lone wolf*, single man operation the first few prospects I pitched my services to were skeptical.
So I "divided the waters" to illustrate my prowess.

I got feedback to the effect of: "That's a fluke, I'll bet you can't use those free websites to STAY at the top of Google"

These Frederick Maryland Business Owners had paid a "Web Design" firm to create a web presence for their business. The Web Design Guru's told the Frederick Business Owners "You need this" and "You need that".

Web Design firms typically don't know squat about Frederick Maryland Search Engine Optimization.
A body in motion tends to remain in motion...

No one, it seems, wanted to hear that all of the big money they paid for glitzy web design was... well, wasted.

So to answer my critiques I'm toning down my hype and boldly going to claim the top spots in all the major search engines... not ONLY in Frederick Maryland

Not only in Maryland
Not only in the US
But Worldwide:
Google this:

Maryland Internet Advertising

Local Google Advertising

Local Google Guru

Search on Yahoo for the same:

Maryland Internet Advertising

Local Google Advertising

Local Google Guru

Try MSN Live Search

Maryland Internet Advertising

Local Google Advertising

Local Google Guru

And again on AOL Search

Maryland Internet Advertising

Local Google Advertising

Local Google Guru

If you want your Maryland Corporate Website to perform this well in all 4 of these giant worldwide Internet advertising venues then Call David Bruce at 301 363-8206

What IS a search engine really?

Only the Worlds Largest Shopping Mall.. want storefront space there?

Email David Bruce 240 644-7530
People don't pay more for a camera to get a better camera.
They pay more for a camera to get BETTER PICTURES.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Local Business Results - above the organic listings

Search For a Local Vendor

Have you done a search for a local vendor because you needed to find a specfic product or service and you wanted to find the closest vendor to your house?

Most of us are aware that there are 10 listings per results page for both Google and Yahoo. In Search Engine Optimization speak, these 10 listings are called "organic listings". The listings on the right column are sponsored listings, people generally know that some bigger company paid to get their ad there. It's generally agreed in the SEO community that people tend to trust a listing in the organic serps before they trust a firm that has the big bucks to dominate the right hand sponsored listings.

But there's a way to get YOUR listing ABOVE the ten organic listings. Google calls these listings Google Maps. But that's the term Google gives to the webmasters.
What does the regular person using the search engine see?

Local Business Results for ____ in ____

Google Provided instructional YouTube for webmasters:

Contact David Bruce Jr @ 240 644-7530

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Donate to Mission of Mercy and get Blog like this

Donate $25 to Frederick Maryland's own "A Mission of Mercy" and Get a Business Blog just like this one

Blog aren't just for diaries or political causes anymore... Business Blogs Simply Outperform Conventional Websites!

Frederick Mission of Mercy needs volunteer Dentist

"A Mission of Mercy" operates a Free Mobile Medical Clinic in 4 states, it's HQ is right here in downtown City of Frederick Maryland.

Mission of Mercy MD & PA free health care

Frederick Web Promotions set up a Facebook page for our Local Frederick Maryland Charity

Go to, donate $25 (I'll be able to see who donated, and Frederick Web Promotions will create, set up, and manage a Busines Blog just like the dozens of others we manage for our Frederick Maryland Small Business Advertising Clients.

See our client list for examples.

Full price of a Business Blog, just like this one, is $120 per year!

Donate just $25 to "A Mission of Mercy" via the FaceBook page and save $95

What is a Business Blog?

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