Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Local Business Results - above the organic listings

Search For a Local Vendor

Have you done a search for a local vendor because you needed to find a specfic product or service and you wanted to find the closest vendor to your house?

Most of us are aware that there are 10 listings per results page for both Google and Yahoo. In Search Engine Optimization speak, these 10 listings are called "organic listings". The listings on the right column are sponsored listings, people generally know that some bigger company paid to get their ad there. It's generally agreed in the SEO community that people tend to trust a listing in the organic serps before they trust a firm that has the big bucks to dominate the right hand sponsored listings.

But there's a way to get YOUR listing ABOVE the ten organic listings. Google calls these listings Google Maps. But that's the term Google gives to the webmasters.
What does the regular person using the search engine see?

Local Business Results for ____ in ____

Google Provided instructional YouTube for webmasters:

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