Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top Maryland Search Ranking Guaranteed

Maryland Search Engine Ranking

Put up or shut up

You just don't spend thousands of dollars in annual advertising fees unless the firm you're shelling out cold hard cash to is capable of delivering.

If that advertising firm can't even get itself ranked in the top ten for the keywords that it's clients are likely to look for them under, well... What good are they?

These Results are from Google, as of November 17, 2009:

Local Google Advertising (134,000,000 competing sites attempting to be #1 here)

Local Google Search Ranking 18,500,000

I'm the only one with 2 listings in the top ten by the way...

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and What is Search Engine Ranking?

In a nut shell SEO is tweaking your existing company website so Google's robot will
"like it more". There isn't a team of people picking and choosing who gets to be #1, a robot picks those spots. The "O" in SEO is for "optimization"

Search Engine Ranking is roughly 20% on page optimization and 80% OFF PAGE, notice the percentages there... what off page means is you build EXTRA websites to POINT TO your existing website. in other words "link building", Google that phrase if you need more detail.

search engine OPTIMIZATION is relatively easy if you're a webmaster
search engine RANKING (the part that makes your company phone ring and makes money go into your cash register) that part is TEDIOUS, TIME CONSUMING, and part art/ part alchemy/ part staying in tune with what's hot now, what is no longer hot (but was 2 months ago), and getting paid for BOTH what you know AND what you do.

It takes a minimum of 100 man hours of link building to get a company website, pretty much any company website to rank in the top 5 or 10 slots in Google for a county, one county, that is to say LOCAL Google listings, county wide.

about 3 times that or 300 man hours to do the same thing State wide.

So why does SEO cost so much?

you tell me.

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