Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google Speaks Twitter - Is Your Company On Twitter Yet?

What Does Frederick Maryland do better than Montgomery County Maryland?

It's twitter community

Montgomery County Maryland, wealthiest part of the wealthiest state in the US.

Why does MoCo not have a vibrant Twitter community as compared to nearby Frederick County Maryland?

I asked this question on my Facebook profile and on my blog:

Local SEO in Maryland Regional Search Engine Marketing

Why Do Frederick Twitter-ers Outshine MoCo Twitter-ers

Google Rankings Depend HEAVILY on Twitter... but only if you use it for both incoming and outgoing messages.

Do you answer your twitter?

Answer your twitter as you would answer your phone

You can even take orders over the twitter. 
got Twitter on your smartphone?

Your customers do... wanna be right in front of your customers, where your customers are?

Google From Your Phone

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