Thursday, July 10, 2008

Key Word Phrase- that's what makes you money

What do people actually type into Google in order to find a company that does what you do?

Well, that's not whats on the minds of prospective customers, is it?

They really don't care what you do... all they care about is what they need to have/ or have done, right?

What word or words (or phrase) is someone really going to type into a search engine like Google or Yahoo to find what they need done?

The first thing a person sees when they type x, y or z into Google is that they forgot to tell Google WHERE they want to go to buy x, y or z.

What if search engine results for a company in Africa or Asia or Alaska show up?

doesn't do em much good...

so then they get smarter: x, y or z in Frederick County Maryland...

Now were getting closer.

Frederick Web Promotions uses:

- & Knowledge of the Game

To make your company websites & company blogs that actually make you money!

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