Thursday, July 3, 2008

Too much Business... Really?

Too much business?

Is there such a thing as Too Much Business?

Don't turn away business... raise your prices!

While talking to local Frederick County business owners I frequenly hear this phrase:

"I've got too much business!!... I don't want any more customers."

"I'm booked solid! I cant handle any new clients."

These business owners work alone, they don't want the headaches of hiring employees or having them not show up for work.

Never Turn away business!... Raise your prices!

What you want is customers who can afford to pay you what you want to get paid.

You want clients from the upper income group...the kind of people who don't have to check their bank balance... People that have disposable income

Did you know that 7% of all Montgomery County Residents are Millionaires?

Here's what you do... so you're booked solid with your existing client base, right?

Set up a website, raise the fees you charge (on that site), put a different cell phone number and/or a different email address JUST FOR THAT SITE!

The fees you quote from that new stream of business, charge so much that you're embarrased to hear the figure leave your mouth...

When they say yes... you FIND A WAY to accomodate them.

this is simple.

David Bruce Jr.

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