Monday, September 29, 2008

I want MY website ranked, not some blog?

I'm hearing from prospective clients that want to hire a local Search Engine Optimization Company:

"Why would I want some blog listed in Google? I want MY (existing) website to be Nubmer ONE in Google.

Here's the low down on "How to Get YOUR website ranked"

How Google decides which site goes in the number ONE spot depends on a formula (one that Google most definatly wants to keep secret). That formula uses "Link Popularity" to figure into it's "wieghting scale".

What is "Link Popularity"?

"Back Links or otherwise known as Inbound Links are links pointing to your website from another website. The number of such back links that point towards your website indicates the importance and the popularity of your website to the search engines"

Excerpted from: Importance of Back Links to a Website and How to Obtain Them. by Kanaga Siva

Ok, so what exactly is meant by "Wieghting Scale"?

If your website url (link) is used in, lets say an article on:



  • Which of those two (online versions of) newspapers is going to carry more 'wieght'?

    Which brings us to: "Why a blog"?

    Easy answer: To get the As Many Of top ten listings (for a given keyword or keyword phrase) in the S.E.R.P.s pages to have YOUR company listed.

    Ok, so now what's a s.e.r.p. ???

    Search Engine Results Page

    how do we go about CRUSHING the competitors listings in Google?

    Fill the top spots with a listing, any listing, something that has:

  • YOUR Company NAME

  • YOUR Phone Number

  • and assuming you paid the search engine consultant...

  • YOUR company website's URL

  • what'll that get you?

    crowd out the competitors listings

    Effectively create incoming links to YOUR existing website.
    (back links are also called incoming links)

    Now why would we do that?

    Blogs are the "Bait on the end of your hook.

    You probably don't want to change your main website all that much...

    You CAN however change a company blog OFTEN


    ... we want to keep changing the bait until we hit on the correct 'bait' (keyword phrase) that makes your phone ring/ email inquiries/ ORDERS keep coming in.

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