Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Power of Company Blogs

Time and time again a company blog outperforms a conventional website OUTPERFORMS a given companies existing website.
To answer that question it's best to ask a bigger, better question:

How does Google decide who gets to be ranked where or why is one site ranked higher than another?

Let's say there are three similar websites from three competitors.
...without something unique about a given site, and they're all homogeneous, then the only thing left for Google to use as a deciding factor is:

Number of incoming links
The quality of those incoming links

a high(er) quality incoming link

If site one has 12 incoming links
site two has 120 incoming links
site three has 12000 incoming links

who do you think is going to rank #1???

However... if links to you
and links to you...

Which one do you think is going to 'carry more weight'?

If you were Google, what would YOU do about that?

Want Proof?

Do your self a favor, get a blog for your company before your competitors get one...

Do It NOW!!!

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